"I am deeply grateful for the magic of the internet gifting me the opportunity to learn from you here in Ecuador.
Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

"You are an inspiration to me; there are not many people in this world who have the passion you have!"

James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
non-ego style of teaching. The July Darbuka challenge was the biggest jump of growth in my life."

Arne Pederson

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"This will transform the drumming community more than any dvd, book or workshop series could ever do, and I've purchased every dvd, book and attended every workshop in the USA at one point or another!"

Andrew DesChenes,

The 2013 July Darbuka Challenge!

Scroll down to see each days practice sessions

Starts on the 10th July 2013

Please Note: Whilst the JDC if free and open to everyone, this year will reference much of the content inside the 'FoF' site. It is therefor highly advisable to become a Bronze/Silver or Gold level member.

What is the Challenge?

One hour of practice for 21 days during July (Open for Beg'- Adv' drummers)

This can be done morning or night and as a one hour session, two half hour sessions or four fifteen minute sessions each day. The challenge is one hours practice for 21 days.
Have you got what it takes to do this?!

Here is your chance to practice with a set schedule and a community from all over the world supporting you and practicing together. It doesn't get any better than this so prepare yourself for an exciting 3 weeks of drumming.

Are you wanting to play for dancers? In a band? In a recording studio? A drum group? This is the time to make it happen then!

How does it work?


Each day you will check in to the 'July Darbuka Challenge' home page and listen to the 'daily audio practice schedule' (Also available on our Facebook page). This will give you your daily practice schedule to follow or if you already know what you want to practice it will give you some more ideas to add to your sessions as well as many new ideas to consider. The exercises are also written for you to follow.

Please note: I will be making many references to the members section of the site. There are now many options for anyone wishing to join so please find a membership that suits you and go for it. This will also allow you to take part in the forum discussions and help topics. Beginner drummers can now join the site for $29 and access a mountain of information, it is very affordable!

So, clear some time in July, start telling yourself you are about to practice for an hour 21 days straight and GET EXCITED! July is going to be the month that your Darbuka/Dahola playing takes off!!

What will i need?

One hour a day for 21 days in July (10st- 31st)
Internet access
A metronome- free downloads can be found on the internet.
An open mind and a love for the Darbuka/Dahola!

Free Download- JDC A new practice paradigm 2013
Free download- JDC Techniques Chart 2013

Free download- The 2013 July Darbuka Challenge

Watch this page for updates as well as the 'FoF' Facebook page!

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