"I am deeply grateful for the magic of the internet gifting me the opportunity to learn from you here in Ecuador.
Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

"You are an inspiration to me; there are not many people in this world who have the passion you have!"

James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
non-ego style of teaching. The July Darbuka challenge was the biggest jump of growth in my life."

Arne Pederson

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"This will transform the drumming community more than any dvd, book or workshop series could ever do, and I've purchased every dvd, book and attended every workshop in the USA at one point or another!"

Andrew DesChenes,

July Darbuka Challenge

Day 2 audio link- click here for audio

Good morning drummers!
Here we are again, drum in hand and time set aside. Ah, the sweet small luxuries in life. Isn't it a beautiful thing that we allow ourselves such luxuries? An hours drumming everyday for 21 days. An hour to simply play! As serious adults in a mind numbingly busy and overwhelmingly noisy world it is a wonder in itself that we can do this. I have another confession! Yesterday I bought a record, yet another luxury! This is an outrage!!! (For all those Might Boosh fans out there) The record is of a pre Iranian revolution psychedelic rock musician called 'Kourosh Yaghmaei.' It is incredible and spreads it's magical tone throughout my entire house like a musical incense.  Just another sweet luxury.

Today's session is about stamina building, strength in playing and...luxury. Try joining all of those drills from the technique charts you downloaded and play them together for a decent amount of time. Then, take a break to stretch and repeat once again. Simply run through as many as you can holding each one for a minute or two (or longer, depending on your own body) and then stop to stretch and relax the arms, wrists, back and shoulders.

Have a wonderful Day 2 of practice and revel in the luxury that we are allowing ourselves. Enjoy!