"I am deeply grateful for the magic of the internet gifting me the opportunity to learn from you here in Ecuador.
Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

"You are an inspiration to me; there are not many people in this world who have the passion you have!"

James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
non-ego style of teaching. The July Darbuka challenge was the biggest jump of growth in my life."

Arne Pederson

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"This will transform the drumming community more than any dvd, book or workshop series could ever do, and I've purchased every dvd, book and attended every workshop in the USA at one point or another!"

Andrew DesChenes,

About Musician Matt Stonehouse

Fingers of Fury was created and designed by Matt Stonehouse to allow drummers anywhere in the world to learn how to play these amazing drums. Matt is one of the most popular teachers of Darbuka/Doumbek on the internet today. His early instructional videos on YouTube have reached 1.5 million views and climbing. Fingers of Fury is now in it's sixth year and boasts a wonderful and inspirational community of beginner to pro level drummers from almost every country on the globe.

Matt has been a practicing musician for almost three decades and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and Turkey to learn from master drummers. He not only shares his practice regime and ideas with members on the 'FoF' site but also in the 'July Darbuka Challenge.' The 'JDC' is a once a year free event to push each participant to practice one hour every day for 21 days in July. Each day, drummers follow a strict practice regime of new techniques, drills, stamina building exercises and mental 'reprogramming'  in order to create a new paradigm of practice.

Matt Stonehouses' playing has been featured on over 30 albums covering musical genres such as Turkish, Arabic, Flamenco, Dub, Surf, Rock, Folk, Baroque, Psychedelic and more. 

In 2010 Matt directed his first feature length film 'The Rhythmic East' which takes the audience on a journey through Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Greece in search of new rhythms and techniques and fresh inspiration. The film is now available through
Vimeo on demand to rent or buy.

By having a unique website like this drum students now have access to their own private Darbuka/ Frame drum teacher anywhere, anytime.

Matt plays the Remo soloist 10" Darbuka/Doumbek and Ceramic Dahola's by Descarga Percussion. He also uses Emin, Cooperman and Remo frame drums.

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