"I am deeply grateful for the magic of the internet gifting me the opportunity to learn from you here in Ecuador.
Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

"You are an inspiration to me; there are not many people in this world who have the passion you have!"

James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
non-ego style of teaching. The July Darbuka challenge was the biggest jump of growth in my life."

Arne Pederson

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"This will transform the drumming community more than any dvd, book or workshop series could ever do, and I've purchased every dvd, book and attended every workshop in the USA at one point or another!"

Andrew DesChenes,

The Belly Dance Drum

Drumming News Thread and Articles


Levent Yildirim Descarga Daholla Doumbek Darbuka drum

Many of you will already know of the incredible drums being made by Descarga Percussion. Theo 'El Greco' Godas is the highly talented maker of these sort after drums and has been right at the forefront of the resurgence in clay darbuka and daholla drums. Read more...


After a long wait "The Rhythmic East' film is finally out now and available with both
'Rent or Buy' options from Vimeo on demand.The film was shot in six different countries, took four years to make and features an incredible array of musicians.
Click here to read more or to watch this awesome new film!


 Lev Elman joins forces with Fingers of Fury teaching Riq! Yes you heard right, the incredible Lev Elman is now teaching Riq here at 'FoF.' You can find Lev's first video in the 'Technique Masterclass gallery' as well as any new ones arriving soon.
Lev and his father are also the creators of 'Elman Riqqs' and have been busy making some of the finest instruments you can find anywhere!
Click to read more about Lev and these incredible hand made drums...


Be sure to check out this new video by 'FoF' teacher and creator 'Matt Stonehouse' playing with guitarist 'Glen Kniebeiss.' This clip shows a more modern style of playing on a Descarga ceramic daholla and some wonderful guitar work by Glen Kniebeiss from 'The Ambients.' Enjoy!

Zurna and Davul player

Are you about to pick up your beloved darbuka drum to do some practice? What will you be playing/ practicing exactly? Do you know what you want from your drumming journey?
There are so many possibilities out there ranging from pushing the outer most boundaries
musically, through to just sitting on a beach with friends banging out some rhythms. We all
have our own unique dreams and ambitions, some serious and others just plain fun. It is
important to know what you want from the drum so you can focus your practice time in the
right direction.
How do you know if you are going in the right direction? Check how big the smile is on
your face before, during and after playing!
Below is a free download for last years 'July Darbuka Challenge' which asks all the questions and even gives a few answers! Do yourself and your drumming a favour and take a look...
Free Download- JDC A new practice paradigm 2013


'The Beaten Track' documentary *A new film about the vibrant and hypnotic world of Middle Eastern percussion music
Private darbuka lessons now on Skype! * Fingers of Fury is now offering private lessons for beginner to advanced players of the darbuka-doumbek and frame drum.
Darbuka Teachers Resources! *NEW!!! Find inspiring lesson plans and workshop handouts here. These resources will make life much easier for teachers of the darbuka and frame drum (Inclded PDF downloads)
Buying your first Arabic drum? Here is some very helpful advice for those buying a new drum. These online stores come highly recommended by FOF members! Find the best deals!!!
Handy hints when playing the belly dance drum for belly dancers *Drummers survival guide packed with tips from the pro's.
Forming an Arabic drum ensemble- part 1 *Essential reading for anyone that wishes to start their own drumming group.
Forming an Arabic drum ensemble- part 2 *A deeper look inside the makings of a dance floor shacking drum ensemble!
Learning split finger technique for the darbuka *Let's take a closer look at the modern Turkish style.
Essential Darbuka Rhythms CD *Download this amazing one hour practice CD in MP3 format!
Click here to see the complete list of Darbuka and Frame Drum tutorial videos on this site* List does not include the 'Webcam Updates.'
Darbuka lessons 1-8 *A fantastic article for beginner darbuka players. Make sure you read it!
Darbuka Village! *Free live workshops, performances, lectures and more on ustream.tv. The worlds only TV channel dedicated to the Darbuka!
Click here to read about percussionist Matt Stonehouse * List of live performance history and recording credits.
Darbuka Rhythm Series Part 1 *Fingers of Fury presents...Darbuka Rhythm Series.
Community Resources for Darbuka *These articles have been written by the drumming community. The first in the series is by the wonderful Israeli based darbuka player 'Yonatan Bar Rashi.' 
The Tamburello by Andrea Piccioli *The Tamburello is an incredible drum. It is of the frame drum family and comes with a super cool sound. Speaking of super cool, check out this article written by the man himself...Andrea Piccioni!
Derbouka articles in French!!! *Thanks to Colette Mortreux for translating some Fingers of Fury derbouka articles.
Learning the Daf to improve Darbuka playing *How the Daf can help you become a much better darbuka player!
The 'new' making of ceramic Darbuka and Doholla drums *How the best ceramic drums in the world are made.