"I am deeply grateful for the magic of the internet gifting me the opportunity to learn from you here in Ecuador.
Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

"You are an inspiration to me; there are not many people in this world who have the passion you have!"

James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
non-ego style of teaching. The July Darbuka challenge was the biggest jump of growth in my life."

Arne Pederson

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"This will transform the drumming community more than any dvd, book or workshop series could ever do, and I've purchased every dvd, book and attended every workshop in the USA at one point or another!"

Andrew DesChenes,

Darbuka- Doumbek-Frame Drum

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Darbuka and FramedrumTechnique Masterclass

Darbuka getting started
Darbuka Tones for beginners
Darbuka Rizz/Rolls 1
Darbuka and Riq part 1 Series 2
Darbuka and Riq part 2 Series 2
Playing for a melodic instrument part 1 series 2
Darbuka Puc/Pop combinations 1
Darbuka Split finger technique 1
Darbuka Split finger technique 2
Darbuka Split finger drills Series 2
Darbuka Puc/Pop 1 Series 2
Darbuka Puc/Pop 2 Series 2
Introduction to the framedrum
Frame drum 1
Frame drum 2
Frame drum 3
Frame drum knee style 1
Frame drum knee style 2
The Riq part 1
The Riq part 2
Playing 2 Bendirs part 1 Series 2
Playing 2 Tar drums part 1 Series 2
Persian Daf 1
Persian Daf 2
The Riq part 1 Series 2
The Riq part 2 Series 2

Darbuka and Framedrum Rhythms of the Orient

Darbuka Ayub 1
Darbuka Ayub 2
Darbuka Malfuf 1
Darbuka Malfuf 2
Darbuka Kaligi 1
Darbuka Kaligi 2
Darbuka Big 2 beat cycle Series 2
Darbuka Kaligi 1 Series 2
Darbuka Kaligi 2 Series 2
Darbuka Karatchi 1
Darbuka Karatchi 2
Darbuka Fallahi 1
Darbuka Fallahi 2
Darbuka Malfuf part 1 Series 2
Darbuka Malfuf part 2 Series 2
Darbuka Malfuf part 3 Series 2
Darbuka Maqsum 1
Darbuka Maqsum 2
Darbuka Baladi 1
Darbuka Baladi 2
Darbuka Saiidi 1
Darbuka Saiidi 2
Darbuka Zaffa 1
Darbuka Debke 1
Darbuka Moroccan 6/8
Darbuka Chobi
Darbuka Cifte Telli part 1
Darbuka Cifte Telli part 2
Darbuka Cifte Telli part 3
Darbuka Introduction to odd time signitures
Darbuka 5 beat cycle
Darbuka 7 beat cycle
Darbuka 9 beat 'Kasilima'
Darbuka Gypsy 9 beat cycle
Darbuka 10 beat cycle
Darbuka 11 beat cycle
Frame drum 2 beat cycle
Frame drum 4 beat cycle
Frame drum 8 beat cycle
Popular rhythms in kneestyle
Riq 2 beat cycles
Riq 4 beat cycles

Darbuka and Framedrum The Zen of Practice

The Zen of Practice part 1
The Zen of Practice part 2
The Zen of Practice 1 Series 2
The Zen of Practice 2 Series 2
The Zen of Practice 3 Series 2
Beginner 'Tak' practice Series 2
Beginner 'Ka' practice Series 2
Beginner Tone practice Series 2

Darbuka and Framedrum Drum Solo's

Darbuka Soloing ideas
Darbuka Soloing for a Belly dancer
Drum Solo 1 Series 2
Drum Solo 2 Series 2
Drum Solo 3 Series 2

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