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Very excited to keep practicing, you are awesome!"

Pyasa Chetan

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James Francois

"I wanted to let you know how much I am getting from your site, or more so, your
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Arne Pederson

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Buying your first Arabic Darbuka/Doumbek Drum?

So you think you can drum!? Maybe you recently saw a drummer at a live show or in a bar playing for a belly dancer? Was it at a festival with a drum circle or perhaps on a trip to Turkey? Where ever it was a light went off in your head and you thought...'i want to do that!'

Wait! Before you rush out and buy the most horrible and possibly unplayable drum you can find, please take a few minutes to read this article. Almost everyday i am asked where to get good drums from, what brand, size, skins and even colour (Sorry red drums do not make you play faster).
So to make your life easier and your rhythmic journey more enjoyable, i have put together a list of links to honest and reputable online stores with examples of different kinds of drums available. Try not to get over loaded with all of the choices out there.

Points to consider-
The smaller drums will cut through more. The larger ones will have more bass and more body.
Terms for these drums will vary depending on the area: Doumbek (USA), Darbuka (Turkey), Tablah (Egypt), Sombati (Egypt).

What drumming situation will you be in? Jamming in a park or at festivals and camping trips? You may want to consider a light weight darbuka/doumbek.
Playing Darbuka/Doumbek whilst roving for Belly Dancers? You will also want a lighter weight drum.
Wanting to play in a drum ensemble? Perhaps consider one of the Egyptian style darbuka drums (In Egypt they call them 'Tablah')
Are you playing with other instruments such as Oud, Ney or even guitar or accordian? In this case you may wish to consider a larger body darbuka/doumbek often referred to as a dohola. I would not get a bass dohola just yet unless you really know the tone you are after. Instead i would highly recommend the 10" Remo weighted Doumbek.

What drums do i use?
For most live shows i play the 10" soloist weighted Remo.
If it is more of a concert setting than a noisy bar environment i will use my ceramic darbuka and dohola made by Descarga Percussion.
My frame drums are a 20" Cooperman Tar and a 16" Tar from Emin.
This small and humble collection of drums has seen concert halls, live radio performances, traveled around the world and featured on many a CD. You don't need 300 drums, you just need a few really nice ones. In the beginning of your rhythmic journey you just need a nice, inexpensive yet inspiring, well made one!

Remember, once you have found you drum you can learn to play right here at Fingers of Fury. Here you can teach yourself to play through online tutorial videos, short courses, e-book, CD downloads and much more. Most of the links in this article came from members in our community so you know that they are honest and well researched.

Note: The video in Week One of the 3 month Darbuka Course explains more on choosing your first drum.

Take a look at this doumbek collection at Darbuka Planet. This site also has nice quality Riq's.

Once you have found your new drum choose a membership and get drumming!

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